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ddrobotec website overhaul


I overhauled the ddrobotec website for the certificate in Interaction Design thesis. The mature startup needed a more coherent, user-friendly and professional website to sell subscriptions for their robotic training devices. I completely re-thought their website structure and content based on real user needs and requirements. I created a prototype to test and revise my work based on user feedback. 


Because of the complex nature of their products and services, I revised the value proposition to be short, clear and concise, to make the whole concept clear for both health and sports industries as well as journalists looking for the next cool technology. 

The benefits of using a user-centered approach are an increase in sales and service subscriptions, as well as an up-tick in publicity, thus hopefully leading to another round of funding for this fascinating company. 

View the clickable project prototype in InVision


Download the certification thesis pdf.

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